2:00am Talks & Tears

Its nearly 2:00A.M, white glooming moon ensured that almost everyone in this world sleeping calmly. The view of that busiest road is enchanting with sparkling Street lights  from their place.   A cup of hot coffee in that winter further revitalized them. They discussed about future, past mistakes, how bitterly their introduction happened a year … Continue reading 2:00am Talks & Tears


White & white uniforms

Everyone has a dream to meet the people who are their favourites in their interested field. when you met them on the spur of the moment, definitely it would be a precious moment.     When I saw a meme a year ago in  facebook (our college alumni Mafoi k pandiarajan was appointed as school … Continue reading White & white uniforms

Dr.A.P.J.Abdul kalam

It was one of the evening sessions of her college days. "who are the real legends?", an interesting topic mooted among her classmates. Arguments from her classmates makes discussion interestingly by pointing hardwork, consistent, patience, perservance, passion..etc. Then obviously, the core of the subject changed by their voluble words at certain point by supporting their … Continue reading Dr.A.P.J.Abdul kalam